Stucco Contractors

Based in Orlando, Castle Group Construction provides expert stucco contracting
services throughout Central and Northeast Florida

We pride ourselves on offering professional residential and commercial stucco services, as well as saving our clients time and money.  Our clients rely on competitive pricing, quality standards, professional capabilities and management experience to complete projects successfully.

Traditional Stucco

Stucco has long since been used as a coating for the outside of homes and buildings. Traditional stucco application is made up of two coats of a sand cement mixture followed by a textured finish coat with added color pigments. The result is a wall with a full depth of color, and with lots and lots  of colors and unlimited rich textural finishes to choose from, you can instantly create great beauty for your home.

Acrylic Stucco

Acrylic stucco is made up of the same sand and cement base as traditional stucco, but the second coat is levelled and floated to create a smooth finish. The Acrylic Finish Coat is then applied, and with an unlimited colour selection, you can choose a specific shade to match any paint chip colour.

Acrylic finishes offer you a smooth, sleek, modern look that’s appealing for home owners and commercial property owners alike.

We provide specialty stucco services for both new and existing structures:

  • High end finishing and detailing for new homes and buildings
  • Exterior refinishes
  • Structural repair
  • Waterproofing
  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  • Framing, Drywall

Castle Group is a locally owned company with a reputation for quality work – offering both installation and stucco repair services.  We are a professional commercial and residential construction company that wants your business.  Our stucco teams have skill sets to match every project and we have dedicated our talents to giving you stucco solutions with enduring value and timeless appeal.

Stucco / lath / EIFS professionals must possess the field experience to quickly create solutions to unforeseen field variances that the general contractor, architect and building owner are comfortable with, and that don’t prohibit production. Our experienced can quickly adapt to the needs of the project and keep your project on schedule.